Pentawards 2015 winner

We are very pleased to share that Bok Bier has received a Bronze at the 2015 Pentawards ceremony in London. Our award was were featured in the Marketing Tribune together with the best agencies of The Netherlands: “Brons voor Hayden … – read more

Imagine your brand as a niche indie brand

Imagine your brand as a niche indie brand. You have a very specific offering, target a clear-cut niche audience and set yourself apart with a unique key benefit. You won’t satisfy everyone, but that is exactly what will differentiate you … – read more

The art of redesigning your packaging.

Did you notice? Glenfiddich recently updated their identity and packaging. We asked ourselves if such a subtle redesign truly influences consumers to buy more. To find out we took to the streets of Amsterdam to interview those part of the … – read more

Serving you again.

My heart pounded. The light crept in and for a moment it was too bright. A hand reached in and I soon enough felt myself flying, up and up. After seventy-eight years, someone was finally looking at me again. Seeing … – read more

New offices.

We are proud to share that Hayden & Co. has a new office. Our new studio is a charming canal villa salon room on the Keizersgracht and we now have all the room to make great work. Click to see … – read more

Ready for launch.

We are excited that Charlie’s Natural Soda is launched, and if you are in Paris for example, why not drop by La Grande Epicerie to have a taste? Charlie’s is a soda with no fake stuff, less calories, less sugar … – read more

Inspiration for managing creativity.

Recently I spoke with Welby Ings who advises international organisations on managing creativity. In his TEDx talk Welby shares what creativity is and how organisations can best nurture it. He captivates his audience here just as he did when he taught me … – read more

No cheesy pop-up store.

When the Old Amsterdam shop appeared last year I expected it would vanish within a few months. But yesterday as I walked over Dam Square it was clearly still a hit. Especially with the flow of tourists stepping inside. How … – read more

Guinness & Africa’s Elegant Persons.

Guinness recently created a campaign for Africa that has become a hit for its clever cultural appeal. Because culture and reinvention are often challenges that face brand owners I found this story inspiring. Case study written by Alexander Knight of … – read more

Real vintage sodas

Genuine vintage sodas recently grabbed my attention at Salon Schmitz, one of Cologne’s coolest cafés. Young soda makers like Wostok, Luscombe and Thomas Henry are cool healthier indie brands but here I was inspired to see these almost antique brands. For … – read more

Brewed elBulli style

Beer created by Ferran Adrià was a new experience for me in Barcelona. Within the premiumisation trend this product popped out as a interesting case. For brand owners looking to overcome a quality perception issue or compliment their mainstream product … – read more

The art of Parisian beverages.

Drinks designed by les artistes were a recent eye grabber for me in Paris. And, having been involved in client celebrity endorsement conversations, this struck me as an interesting approach for brand owners. The beauty of these types of partnerships … – read more

Your brand strategy partner.

Is your design partner essential in creating your brand strategy? Recently I’ve thought harder on how brand teams benefit from early inclusion of their design partner in brand strategy or new product development. Here are a few key advantages. Complimentary … – read more

Name in a day.

Do you find naming a mysterious challenge? Naming has a notorious reputation because creating a new name that is not already trademarked, is memorable, that culturally translates, and that expresses the emotions of your brand to be can be tricky. … – read more

New agency. New projects. New ideas.

It’s good to be back, refreshed and renewed for this newsletter edition. Over the past few months I’ve been busy managing the creation of Hayden & Co., our new agency. We are going for the ‘new black’ of business models, … – read more

Inspiring Feedback

Do you deliver the best work when you are inspired? Just about everyone does and so too do designers. So how do you inspire your designers whilst giving feedback? What works? Start your critique with positives. Share your enthusiasm about … – read more

Evaluating creative work

Do you want to find a more constructive way of evaluating creative work? If so you are not alone! I’ve put together this three step process to help you select winning creative concepts. 1. is it right? Is the work … – read more

Writing a good creative brief

Have you wondered if your creative briefs include the right information? Or if your agency or designer even bother to read them? Why you should write one. Marketers sometimes doubt the value of written briefs… – read more

How do you choose the right creative partner?

If you find choosing a creative partner, whether an agency, a freelancer, or both a challenging process then you are not alone. I recently spoke with John van Tuyll, Head of Brand Marketing Operations at adidas to gain a client … – read more

Fashion brands rock

4 ways your clothing brand could be working harder Have you ever thought about the idea that your fashion label is actually a lot like a rock band? Here’s how: a successful band writes and composes with love and passion … – read more

2011 was a crafty year for craft brewers

3 ways your craft beer brand could be working harder As a craft brewer you are the innovator in the art of developing authentic and complexly flavoured beer. As you know, your market is a challenging one with the giant breweries … – read more