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Alcoholic beverages

If you market beer, wine or spirits I understand your challenges. Whether you are creating or evolving your brand, I love getting to the bottom of it.

Are you creating a new beer product?

The challenge: the undisputed rebel of Dutch beer wanted to innovate their product offering to strengthen their market position.

The solution: we brainstormed new product ideas with the marketing team and food technologists. We then developed new names, 2D and 3D designs that went through several rounds of market research and adaption. Presently this product is in development and our client partnership is ongoing. – click here to see work.
Bavaria   Bavaria Bok Bier

Are you refreshing an existing wine brand?

The challenge: one of France’s largest wine and spirits producers wanted to increase export of their New Zealand wine brand to the US market.

The solution: we refreshed the staid branding with a new positioning, identity and packaging that promises the lush flavours of New Zealand. – click here to see work.
Brancott Estate Pernod Ricard

Are you repositioning a spirits brand?

The challenge: the world’s largest spirits producer needed to better position its whiskey for cool young drinkers.

The solution: we came up with a new ‘point of view’ for how the brand could translate it’s forward-thinking heritage into a creative attitude appealing to young and cool.