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Does your tea, chocolate or deodorant have a new and irresistible flavour or promise? I am apt at increasing shelf impact and building FMCG brand loyalty.

Does your global coffee brand need to innovate?

The challenge: a Nestlé coffee brand needed to increase appetite appeal to stay ahead of thriving competition.

The solution: working within Nestlé’s strict global packaging
guidelines we refreshed the packaging with new honest imagery. To justify the product’s higher price we simulated metallic finishes, adding a premium touch without hindering manufacturing speed.

Are you refreshing a supermarket brand?

The challenge: the largest Portuguese supermarket chain, Pingo Doce needed to refresh their brand to protect their market position.

The solution: we refreshed the dated brand with a new positioning and identity that reveals Pingo Doce offers the freshest produce. We developed an identity design system for all communications including uniforms, signage, point of sale, and packaging.