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2011 was a crafty year for craft brewers

3 ways your craft beer brand could be working harder

As a craft brewer you are the innovator in the art of developing authentic and complexly flavoured beer. As you know, your market is a challenging one with the giant breweries heavily investing in specialty beers. The numbers tell the story – between 2008 and 2011 Duvel Moorgat specialty beer sales increased from €100 to €125 million. That’s an impressive 25% increase.

Where craft brewers have the edge:
You have the advantage in agility and speed of product innovation. You consistently launch new flavour variants and your flavour palettes challenge those of wine.

Where giant brewers have the edge:
They have the edge in marketing strong brands. Their marketing finesse has people choosing beer over wine because specialty beer has become chic. You can take advantage of this too – the positive attributes of your current brand can be leveraged to sit proudly and strongly next to whatever the giant breweries bring to market in specialty beers. Here is how:

1 – Review your brand
Is your brand positioning clearly communicating what it is that makes you and you’re product special?

2 – Refresh your logo
What is the condition of your logo? Does it communicate your authenticity? Does it promise the consumer to be a lovingly crafted beer of complex flavour?

3 – Revive your packaging
How healthy is your packaging? Is it communicating the same passion and pride that you take in brewing? Are your typography, iconography, colours, label shapes, and bottle structure sending the right message?

Written by Hayden Roberts.

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