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Brewed elBulli style

Beer created by Ferran Adrià was a new experience for me in Barcelona. Within the premiumisation trend this product popped out as a interesting case. For brand owners looking to overcome a quality perception issue or compliment their mainstream product with a luxury offer, this model has plenty of potential. Here’s the story in a tapas nutshell.

Molecular food.
Estrella Damm is the leading mainstream beer brand from Barcelona. They teamed up with elBulli chef Ferran Adrià, famous for leading the molecular gastronomy movement, to create a special beer to be served with food, and specifically elBulli’s three Michelin star cuisine. The beer is well reviewed but not ground breaking like Adrià’s food. The design on the other hand is what makes the experience feel very special.

elBulli molecular gastronomy. Image Francesc Guillamet.

Ferran Adria
Ferran Adrià. Image Sergi Pons.

Beer instead of wine.
The design works well at communicating that the beer is intended to be paired with food. Wine language is borrowed in the long bottle neck, punt in the bottle base and minimal black label. The link with Estrella Damm’s brand is clear enough with the gold star and red neck label. The name Inedit translates to never been done before and the overall minimal design has you expecting a special beer. Even if the beer isn’t that different the design gives you the feeling that it is.

Estrella Damm Inedit Advertising Image
Estrella Damm Inedit advertising image.

 Estrella Damm Inedit detail of Punt
Estrella Damm Inedit punt detail. Image Hayden Roberts.

Borrow inspiration.
Using language of other catagories is a powerful way to make your premium offer feel more special. Estrella Damm borrows from wine. G-Star borrows from military. Olive oil often takes its inspiration from cosmetics. This example from Moria Elea takes cues from perfume. The square bottle feels rich, the rounded glass edges are soft, and the rough cloth closure is hearty. The result promises perfect olive oil and judges are impressed. Moria Elea is the most awarded olive oil of this year.

Moria Elea

Moria Elea meal
Moria Elea advertising images.


Written by Hayden Roberts.

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