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Evaluating creative work

Do you want to find a more constructive way of evaluating creative work? If so you are not alone! I’ve put together this three step process to help you select winning creative concepts.

1. is it right?
Is the work answering the commerical objective and creative strategy that you set out in the brief? Sometimes the best creative work is a roughly exectued idea so look if the idea is ‘right’ rather than ‘nicely finished design’. Mr Ogilvy’s motto ‘if it doesn’t sell, its not creative’ applies here. Your creative brief is the basis for judging the work. Ask yourself if it answers the criteria in your brief and consider if the idea is innovative, memorable, credible, curious, impactful, on brand and if it is differentiating? Take your time to formulate good and constructive feedback. Remember, this fase is the foundation of a great concept.

2. is it good?
Now its time to get emotional. Does the design concept appeal to your target audience? Step into their shoes to evaluate if the style and design treatment will appeal to their taste. Here you will be judging how the idea is executed and will be considering amongst others the colour, typography, imagery, shapes, texture, copy, structure and production execution possiblities.

3. build on it!
Choose one concept, take ownership and get behind it. You will get the best creative work when you show your belief in the idea and your enthusiasm to achieve the best. When you get behind your team they will make you proud.

So that’s it in three steps…
1. is it on brief?
2. does it appeal to the intended market?
3. build on the chosen concept.

Here is a short inspirational video about the working process between clients and designers from of Jeremy Lindley, Global Design Director at Diageo.

Written by Hayden Roberts.

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