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Fashion brands rock

4 ways your clothing brand could be working harder

Have you ever thought about the idea that your fashion label is actually a lot like a rock band? Here’s how: a successful band writes and composes with love and passion and their stage performances entertain with style and drama. Your brand needs to perform in much the same way. Each expression you make is like a song communicating your brands spirit.

But is your current brand doing that? How can you grow a stronger brand image with more awareness and more sales? Take note that the positive attributes of your current image can be leveraged and strengthened to enhance your brands performance. Here is how:

1 – Review your brand
Is your brand positioning clearly communicating what it is that makes you and you’re product special?

2 – Refresh your logo
What is the condition of your logo? Does it clearly communicate your image? Does it promise the consumer a lovingly crafted fashion piece?

3 – Revive your identity
Next up are your typography, iconography, colours and photography. Are they harmoniously communicating your passion and pride?

4 – Reinvigorate your carriers
Are your sales collateral, hangtags, gift packaging, bags, store and exhibition spaces inspirational? Are they helping to create more awareness and especially driving sales?

Written by Hayden Roberts.

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