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Imagine your brand as a niche indie brand

Imagine your brand as a niche indie brand. You have a very specific offering, target a clear-cut niche audience and set yourself apart with a unique key benefit. You won’t satisfy everyone, but that is exactly what will differentiate you in the long run.

Limited resources
Being an indie brand doesn’t mean you can’t be extremely successful. In fact, limited resources and expertise can force you to act creatively. Fritz-kola for example simply used the two founders’ faces for their logo and conducted their own “consumer research” in front of a shopping centre and at parties when they were strapped for cash.


Corporate indies
Indie brands are not always “independent” and corporate companies develop smaller brands positioning them as indie. New Zealand’s Lion brewery has successfully launched several craft beers that have a non-mainstream look. These types of brands can also flourish and attract a very successful fan base.

Crafty Beggars

A bit of advice
Creating an indie brand is not easy. We have identified a few pitfalls to avoid when you are going through this delicate process:

  • Don’t overestimate yourself. Find the right people to help you build on your ideas and work them out. On that same note, don’t underestimate yourself either. Stand behind your product.
  • Don’t try to please everyone. In the beginning your brand is not for the masses. Exclusivity will make it that more special for those selected few you are trying to reach. Later, the mainstream will follow.
  • Success isn’t measured in how large your organization is. Your brand will get bigger by staying small and authentic. Keep it real.

Choc Stars

Indie brands often enjoy the most creative freedom and we love how liberating that can be. So every once in a while, think about your brand as an indie brand. Get inspired and come away with a different point of view. Strip your brand down to the bare essentials. Does that match the story you are telling? If not, let’s get to work!

Written by Malou Tulleken.

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