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Inspiring Feedback

Do you deliver the best work when you are inspired? Just about everyone does and so too do designers. So how do you inspire your designers whilst giving feedback?

What works?
Start your critique with positives. Share your enthusiasm about what is strong in the proposal. Where has the idea answered the commerical objective or where does it have the potential to do so? Keep the atmosphere conversational, positive and try to find the merits and build on them.

What can be better?
Challenge your designers on the areas where you think the work is not successful. Good designers will welcome your questions because they want the best possible results. They will defend their decisions but they also know when to concede. Don’t forget your market expertise can often bring new insights to the project.

Collate internally.
Often the biggest challenge is getting internal buy-in and it may take several meetings before there is design approval. Once this has happened collate the feedback and share this with the design team through one key contact person.

End on a positive.
The nature of design reviews is that they focus on what needs to be improved. Often these discussions take an hour or more so if you are pleased with the progress your team have made don’t forget to remind them. Your enthusiasm brings renewed energy for the next round of design development.

Written by Hayden Roberts.

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