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Name in a day.

Do you find naming a mysterious challenge? Naming has a notorious reputation because creating a new name that is not already trademarked, is memorable, that culturally translates, and that expresses the emotions of your brand to be can be tricky.

We recently created the name for a soon-to-be-launched soda for Europe and North America. The brand positioning workshop was behind us, during which Marjolein van Ballegooij guided us through discussions to lay the foundation of the brand values. The censydiam model was debated, design likes and dislikes highlighted, consumer profiles imagined, and possible packaging directions thought up. So we were ready for a brainstorm day dedicated to creating a name.

Here are the ingredients for a good naming day:

A room with plenty of wall space.
A fruitful day will be the result of thinking of many word ideas. And for that you need space to capture ideas with markers and big sheets of paper, preferably stuck on the wall. This gives you the room to explore a number of themes and see new connections between ideas.

Go for quantity.
The good ideas often surface between the bad ones. It’s important to get all your ideas onto paper. This creates more head space for the next idea and gets the creative juices flowing.

A less critical view.
Don’t yet judge the good from the bad. Keep the pace up and keep positive, that way you will generate more and better ideas. It also helps to keep the mood fun and open for new discoveries as your thought process develops to explore different directions.

An outsider’s perspective.
The best ideas often come from people with an objective view of your brand. As consultants with deep knowledge of their new brand, Marjolein and I created ideas that our soda client may not otherwise have uncovered.

Evaluate and make choices.
During our soda naming day we generated more than 100 ideas within 5 themed areas. Through the day we assessed our progress to spot potential gaps and opportunities. At the end of the day we made the critical selection resulting in 40 ideas and 5 high potentials.

Select a range.
Our soda client was enthusiastic with a number of the proposed options. A good range of 3 – 5 names is important as options are put through their legal paces, and opportunities and feasibility are explored.

Written by Hayden Roberts.

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