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New agency. New projects. New ideas.

It’s good to be back, refreshed and renewed for this newsletter edition. Over the past few months I’ve been busy managing the creation of Hayden & Co., our new agency. We are going for the ‘new black’ of business models, offering tailored expertise per project. So the Co. in our name represents the original meaning of the word – Companions.

The week before last we celebrated the opening and launch of Hayden & Co. with a party designed by Ruigwerk. Click here to see photos. We were also lucky enough to be featured in the Dutch press. It was nice having an interview with Adformatie last month and we also appeared in the news of Marketing Tribune.

There were quite a few challenges along the way. Not least was my double role as client and creative during the process of setting up the business and creating the brand. And this is why I’ve chosen ‘creation’ as our newsletter theme for 2013.

In the first part of this year we will be busy with the definition and creation of a new soft drink for the European market, and for research and innovation for Bavaria. I am looking forward to sharing some insights on the process of creation that come out of these experiences with you here later.

Written by Hayden Roberts.



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