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Ready for launch.

We are excited that Charlie’s Natural Soda is launched, and if you are in Paris for example, why not drop by La Grande Epicerie to have a taste? Charlie’s is a soda with no fake stuff, less calories, less sugar and more juice. Over the course of a few months, Hayden & Co. has developed the positioning and branding strategy for this ambitious drink.

Charlie's Natural Soda

In a market that is already cluttered with soda brands, Charlie’s had to stand out. Its innovative and rebellious approach to the drinks category was a good starting point for the brand’s positioning. Targeting a younger, less mainstream audience, this healthier alternative for soda drinkers had to be cool, playful and smart.

In an earlier newsletter, I identified the ingredients for a good naming day. Entering this phase for Charlie’s, we had already established possible consumer profiles and packaging directions. We spent an inspiring day brainstorming to create a fitting name and came up with a wall full of possibilities. But Charlie’s stood out for its rebellious and smart character.

In order to really stand out from competitors and to create shelf impact, the packaging design needed to be remarkable and different. It had to radiate how cool the natural soda brand is and fit the target audience. For this reason, we used vibrant colours and a hand-written front on the cans.

By choosing a more adventurous path with its positioning, name and packaging, Charlie’s truly distinguishes itself as the sexy smart soda that it is: a rebel at heart, natural at its core. We are proud to have been a part of creating Charlie’s!

Charlie's Natural Soda

Charlie's Natural Soda

Written by Hayden Roberts.


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