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Real vintage sodas

Genuine vintage sodas recently grabbed my attention at Salon Schmitz, one of Cologne’s coolest cafés. Young soda makers like Wostok, Luscombe and Thomas Henry are cool healthier indie brands but here I was inspired to see these almost antique brands. For brand owners looking at opportunities in the natural, organic or healthier soft drink markets here are a few less known examples.

The striking bottle.
It’s curves complemented hers as it travelled through the room atop the waitress’s tray. A classic from 1921, La Mortuacienne is a standout for its bottle shape. Up close the frilly label doesn’t look like its been updated since inception. The value placed on the structure creates all of the recognition and the twirly graphics support by oozing tradition and natural.


A brewed soft drink. 
Although Bionade has been round since 1973 I only discovered it a couple of years ago during the Eindhoven design week. What makes the drink unique in the soft drink world is that it is actually brewed. The logo has a foot in the Italian liqueur camp and the rest of the design an eclectic mix of typography. The success here is that it communicates as an alternative to alcohol and a special moment drink.


I’m organic fantastic.

If you can read then BioZisch doesn’t let you miss its organic. The bubble gum sky and illustrated fruit, on the other hand, are electrifying. Strangely the combination actually works at claiming this is a less unhealthy soft drink. The prominent organic certification logos bring the message home. On a personal level the design does not appeal to me but it does make organic feel very accessible.


Ultra minimal appeal.

Almdudler takes the design back to basics with a toasting couple. The drink calls Vienna home and the 1957 design captures this spirit. It’s a beautiful single colour print and the only other graphic is the bar code on the bottle side. All text is printed on the cap and that’s the only trace that this is a citrus flavoured drink. A lovely bottle shape too. This gets my thumbs up for owning cool and Austrian heritage.

Almdudler-2Antique drinks

Written by Hayden Roberts with support from design and cafe enthusiast Mieke Roberts.

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