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Serving you again.

My heart pounded. The light crept in and for a moment it was too bright. A hand reached in and I soon enough felt myself flying, up and up. After seventy-eight years, someone was finally looking at me again. Seeing my potential. The man closed the chest, excited by what he had found, and started for the door. And right there, I became me again. The face of Bavaria Bok Bier.

Bavaria Bok BierThey call me authentic and at the same time contemporary. During the autumn season it is my job to stand out, and to serve those who drink Bavaria Bok Bier a tasty bock beer with a nice caramel flavour. I wasn’t able to do that right from the start. After they rediscovered me in the archives my journey had only just begun. They rejuvenated me digitally and used poster inspired typography to help me formulate my message more clearly. Good thing I had some help, too; I’ll leave the strategy for re-establishing Bavaria’s heritage and quality perception of brewing excellence to the pros!

They took me on a road trip to a prestigious Bock Beer festival in the Beurs van Berlage in Amsterdam a few weeks ago where I won bronze. I also overheard that I’m a hit on something called Twitter and Instagram. People are posting pictures of me and writing nice comments about the way I look. That makes me really proud and happy.

I hope you’ll agree with the critics.

Bok Bier Cluster

Written by Malou Tulleken.

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