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The art of Parisian beverages.

Drinks designed by les artistes were a recent eye grabber for me in Paris. And, having been involved in client celebrity endorsement conversations, this struck me as an interesting approach for brand owners. The beauty of these types of partnerships are there is something for all brand personality types and budgets. Here are some ideas for the art de la packaging.

The chair designer.
Champagne is the high end of the spectrum but it’s hard to resist. And Marc Newson couldn’t with his design for Dom Pérignon’s carry box. Marketers looking at a big name designer like Mr Newson will probably need to make a larger than average investment or offer the artist prestige and lots of champagne.




The undiscovered artist.
Perrier-Jouët Champagne’s Belle Époque marketing plan cleverly commissions young artists, jewellers, designers, sculptors, and illustrators. Each artist makes a creation based on the Champagne’s iconic flower to form a branded series of art that is displayed on Perrier-Jouët’s website and at their sponsored events. Makoto Azuma’s flower installation has been translated to the bottle and packaging. Makoto’s Artsy page is here




The fashion designer.
Coke’s niche but widely successful haute fashion designer bottles are very popular in Paris. Each year Coke appoints a new directeur de la création for the Diet Coke brand with this year’s Marc Jacobs and last year’s John Paul Gaultier. Lots of brands recruit a celebrity creative director, like Range Rover did with Victoria Beckman. But your creative director doesn’t need to be a celebrity to endorse your brand…




The communications agency.
“Wow. Fred & Farid!” said Bob, picking up the can from my desk.
“Have you heard of them?” I asked curiously.
“No, but nice design.”

Earlier in Paris whilst waiting in a clothing boutique. “Nice design, is that a Schweppes?” I asked the young, cool and friendly female assistant.
“Yes, it’s beautiful isn’t it”
“So who are Fred & Farid? Are they fashion designers?” I asked, looking at my latest discovery.
“No, they’re a communications agency.”

Who is smarter? Is it Schweppes, who by having their agency sign the drink make the endorsement look artistic and celebrity. Or is it Fred & Farid who have surely become celebrities by signing the pack. The beauty of this endorsement is it probably cost Schweppes no more than the design itself. Of course Fred & Farid want to sign their work, they are no doubt artists at heart.



FredandFarid Crop


Written by Hayden Roberts.

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