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Writing a good creative brief

Have you wondered if your creative briefs include the right information? Or if your agency or designer even bother to read them?

Why you should write one.
Marketers sometimes doubt the value of written briefs but in reality a great brief sets the foundation for great work. The process of writing a brief also gives you an opportunity to clarify for yourself exactly what you need.

What to include.
Because each project is unique you need to write a unique brief for each project. An inspiring brief is written with clear and descriptive language so try to avoid generic jargon. You should capture what is really important in no more than two pages. Here are key things that you should consider including:

Why? Give the background to the project and explain why we are making this product, design, campaign, etc. What is the commercial opportunity or need?

What? Tell us what it is going to achieve. Do you need more sales, a different brand image, or have a product innovation?

Who? Describe the people we are targeting. Personas are a powerful way to give accurate personality descriptions – use a separate document for this.

Insight? What is the convention in addressing your market and what do you have that is special and will make them care?

Message? What is the single most effective message we can tell them?

Emotion? Describe the overall feeling and set the parameters.

Givens? What things are sacred and must be included?

Medium? How will it be produced and what are the technical limitations? Are you open to new ideas?

Success? How will you measure effectiveness? Will there be market research?

And lastly, don’t forget your budget indication and planning requirements.

Written by Hayden Roberts.

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