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Your brand strategy partner.

Is your design partner essential in creating your brand strategy? Recently I’ve thought harder on how brand teams benefit from early inclusion of their design partner in brand strategy or new product development. Here are a few key advantages.

Complimentary thinking.
Designers are trained to discover and make new connections, often through lateral thinking. A brand team combining logical and lateral thinkers will lead to new ideas or strengthen existing ones. Your design partner is a skilled soundboard for your values, attributes and purpose, and in defining your value proposition and personality.

Conveying ideas.
Designers often explore undefined territory and are good at articulating abstract ideas. Because their daily work involves working with partially formed ideas they are comfortable with exploration and this usually has positive effects on the team. By sketching and verbalising partially formed ideas design partners can support team members in getting their ideas across.

Fresh and objective.
Marketers have a deep understanding of their product and business. Occasionally this can cause roadblocks and by involving your design partner you create possibilities for a fresh view. Designers are good at suggesting alternative options, and looking from the outside in, assist the team in seeing things differently.

The perfect host.
Your design partner is also an excellent option for hosting and facilitating your brand definition workshop. If you have a larger team then hiring a location off-site is a great alternative. In both cases getting your brand team out of the office removes distraction and concentrates thinking.

Kick start creative.
Having your design partner onboard from the beginning has obvious advantages when its time to execute. Your agency has a clear vision of the brand and understands why decisions have been made. Starting up the creative process is then a smoother, natural progression. From your agencies perspective the strategy is bulletproof and believed in by the team.

Written by Hayden Roberts.

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